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Smart Robotics was established by Sailcott (M) International Sdn Bhd in 2019. This robotic use for proper handling of waste materials such as Scheduled Waste and Clinical Waste.

GMP-1 (Guide Mobile Platform) is a simple shaped robot which has a flat platform that can mount any structure or components above it with variety use waste such as food, medicine, equipment and etc. The robot is also a line following robot which is equipped with a line sensor that detects and follow the predetermined line on a flat surface especially to handle Covid-19 waste by lessen the contact between health workers with the waste, hence, reduce any risk of infection and reduction of work load to the user.

In handling waste for outdoors operation, a prototype robot Smart Mobile Platform (SMP-1) will be used. SMP-1 can be operated in both smooth and rough terrains. SMP-1 is controlled manually via controller to maintain flexibility in functionality and movements. Also it can carry heavier loads compared to GMP-1.

GMP-1 will be collecting waste from indoors, when load limit reached, it will move to a checkpoint which SMP-1 will be waiting to be loaded from GMP-1. After SMP-1 is loaded, it will be moved to the dumping point which the waste collected will be unloaded.


GMP-1 (Guide Mobile Platform)
SMP-1 (Smart Mobile Platform)
Weight Load Test 1
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