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Sailcott (M) International Sdn Bhd mission is to provide a genuine, high quality and Halal based leather products for the Muslim community in particular.

           Our main objective is to provide a product that is “Tiada Lagi Keraguan” or “No More Doubt” which users have no doubt when using or wearing it.

            Sailcott (M) International Sdn Bhd objective is to become a Muslim solution for supplying and distribution of Halal Leather products lines, thus creating a vast network of bumiputra business partners in this industry

            The objective is to give much more confident to Muslim consumers that using leather products.As slogan says, “ No more Doubt” or “Tiada Lagi Keraguan”, we have give Muslim consumer the ultimate confident when buying Sailcott leather product line.

             Over 2 billion Muslims today walk on ‘Non-Halal’ footwear, clad themselves in ‘Non- Halal’ leather apparel, wear ‘Non-Halal’ accessories, sit on ‘Non-Halal’ leather furniture and travel with ‘Non-Halal’ luggage. Span Halal ‘leather’ is nonexistent, at least on a commercial basis. All meat slaughtered in a ‘Halal’ manner is currently not being commercialized as ‘Halal’ skin or hide.

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